Dear PMLNT Members,
Even though this is still the Purple Martin OFF SEASON our work is never done. I am sitting here this morning preparing for a Purple Martin program for a German Club in Arlington, TX.

Last October we had a very good Board meeting and I again like to thank all Board members who came to work on our upcoming Purple Martin year. Pretty soon In February we can see the first Martins arriving. So I am always thinking on how we could get our members more involved. We do like to hear from you with any new ideas. For example: "Starting a conversation with family members, friends or new acquaintances about Purple Martins is always a good thing". I am always reminding myself to do this and get good results. We do have a printed info letter available to put on doors of people who have Martin housing in their back yard. The more we talk about our PMLNT mission the better and also we need to advertise to join our PMLNT group.

Our motto is still:
"Spreading the word about our wonderful birds, the Purple Martins."

I am working on our year 2016 activities schedule and will send it out next.

AGAIN, please note that our "17th Purple Martin Birthday Bash" is coming up on Saturday, 13th of February 2016 at the same location as last year, the SpringCreek Restaurant in Grand Prairie, TX. I will let you know more info in my next letter.

Now mark your calendars for the 13th of February please.
For news and updates throughout the Martin year come here:
So if you are still a landlord please get involved. I hope to see you in February.